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Bruno -
Here are a few photos of Bruno, one with my little female Bess. Bruno doesn't seem to let his leg get in his way much. I think he has gotten so fit and strong he does really well. I just watch him closely for signs of fatigue and then we turn around and go home. He is at the door and ready to go constantly. Doesn't matter what kind of weather, he just wants to go. He is a great outdoor companion and a great car traveler. Take care and thanks again for this amazing boy. He is a once in a lifetime kind of companion. 




Bella(aka) Bailey has trained Sailor to spin for his food, shake hands and swim. He just started doing these things.  Hope this letter finds  you well.  Give the kids a big hug for us! -
Mike, Ann, Sailor and Bella


    - DIXIE
These are some of the recent pictures of Dixie!  She is such a delight and love her to dickens!  She is healthy, put on some weight and one happy dog!  Please don't tell her I referred to her as a dog!  She is a counter surfer and keeps us on our toes but won't have it any other way!  Thank you again!




 hed a few photos so you could see her.
Orson,Gretchen and Brandi -


Hello I am not sure if you remember us or not,
my name is Aaron Smith my wife Ginny and I adopted
Orson from you 9 years ago and we adopted gretchen
from you 3 years ago. My mom also adopted brandi from
you almost 3 years ago. I know I have promised pictures many times. My apologies for not getting you and pictures sooner. Just wanted to let you know all three are doing well orson is getting pretty old but still happy and healthy. gretchen and brandi are doing wonderful as well. I
will send you some more pictures i have to find them on another computer. We love our weims they have been a wonderful addition to our lives. The source of much joy and many many great stories.
Aaron Smith





 hed a few photos so you could see her.
Stormy - "We took him to Las Vegas to the Nascar Races and he loved all the attention from other campers. Here are a couple photos of him."



Idaho Weimaraner Rescue


 hed a few photos so you could see her.Idaho Weimaraner Rescue
Leo in his
new home


  Idaho Weim Rescue

Idaho Weim Rescue

Hi June-

I don't know if you remember Harley, but I adopted him from you over eight years ago. Harley has been a wonderful companion. He is still an escape artist and has eaten his far share of crates, drywall and doors trying to find us, but other than that he is the biggest cuddler ever. Harley has gone on to have lots of fun in the Rally-O and agility rings earning titles in both disciplines. Recently he has become a big "fur" brother and takes his job very seriously. My daughter Pemberley can do anything to him and the routinely have "naps" together. I have attached some pictures (Harley's little brother Linden is in some of the pictures)
 Idaho Weimaraner Rescue






Hi June-
I wanted to give you an update on how Jesse is doing! She has adapted very nicely to apartment living, we are fortunate that we can pop in and check on her throughout the day. She did very well over the winter, never got cold and enjoyed playing in the snow with her dog friends. Her favorite spot besides my lap is in front of our glass slider door, loves the heat from the sun.  Now that the weather is getting nicer she has been spending some time on the deck sun bathing.  This is not to say she is a couch potato as she gets at least 2 long walks/hikes a day and now that the snow has mostly melted she has been enjoying a new favorite past time of chasing birds through the sage brush.  Its fun to watch her work sniffing and running looking for something to chase after.  She does a good job of listening especially out on hikes, comes back when called and checks in to make sure we are still on the trail. 
We love Jesse very much and she has fit in with our family better than we could have hoped. 
Thanks again for helping bring her into our lives.
Jacob, Sandy & Jesse
hed a few photos so you could see her.



Brandy and Gretchen at
Graduation from obedience class!





November 12, 2009

We are enjoying Brandy very much. 
Each day she gets a little more comfortable
with us.  I have been running around more this
week than usual, and she has been here with
Terry.  She was pretty stressed with it Tuesday,
but today did quite well. 
I'm sure it will take awhile for her to understand
that we will come back when we leave! 
She has been chewing the toys and sleeping
on the couch with Ruger. 
She loves the walks! 
Hasn't jumped in the pond again...
Well, I just wanted to give you an update. 
Will keep in touch.  Karen



Duke in his new home with Dad...





Sage is truly a miracle dog. 
She came into rescue on Easter Sunday
with a severe case of pneumonia and
absolutely no desire to live.  She had
been in a horrible situation before. 
The first week she refused to eat,
would not take medicine, and crashed
several times.  After much TLC and
refusing to give up on her, she is fully
recovered and will soon be leaving for
her new home to a wonderful lady who
has stood by her all this time.



first visit
to the beach







Vumba and

Now living in BC




Abby and Earl
Life is good!!

October 2008





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