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◊ Weimaraners require obedience training. Without it, they will take over your household.
They are usually easy to train but can be difficult to handle and stubborn.

A fenced yard is necessary.  Weims have a strong prey drive and will chase
anything that moves.

◊  Weims do not do well living outside or in the kennel. They have an intense
need to live with their humans.

Weims are not protection dogs but are territorial. They are enthusiastic
barkers when strangers come near. Weims need to be socialized while still pups or
they will not readily accept strangers when adults.

Intelligence can be a Weim's biggest problem. They can be destructive when
bored and smart dogs get bored easily.

Weims are affectionate, loving and loyal companions.  They are dogs for
people who want a close relationship with their dog instead of a dog to look pretty
lying around. They cannot be ignored.

Weims can be real chowhounds. When standing still, you should see the
outline of the last three ribs, but no more than that. Being overweight can promote
spinal problems in old age.

Weims require, above all else, to be with their humans.  They are
intelligent, lively, affectionate, loyal and stubborn - a picture of grace, speed,
stamina and balance. Capable of working a long day in the field, they are also happy
taking a nap in your lap. They have a strong need to please and need exercise every

◊  The Weim is not a breed for everybody.  They are a very intelligent and
demanding dogs. They will not be ignored and are not suitable for people who don't
have the time and energy to devote to their needs.

Weims are good with children and can usually be trained (if started young) to
get along with cats.

◊  Weims are people-oriented dogs. Their most notable trait is their need to be
with their humans all the time. They will do anything you ask. About the only thing
you can't do with this breed is "nothing"


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